House rules

Dear Guests,

To make sure you have a pleasant stay and to avoid any possible misunderstandings, please acquaint yourself with the house rules.

1. Reservation is possible only by paying the reservation amount (deposit) while the rest of the amount is paid on the day of the arrival for reserved accommodation unit. After the deposit is received, the confirmation of reservation (Voucher) will be sent to you which consists details of the arrangement (details of the host, guests details, date of arrival and departure and also other services that guest has paid).

2. The deposit is 30% of total price. Tourist taxes are included in the price.

3. The prices notified on the web page include: daily rent, toursit tax, bed linen, towels, equipped kitchen with necessary dishes and utensils, use of water, electricity and gas, wireless internet and parking place. Prices are formed in Euros. If staying less than seven nights, price is higher 30%.

4. The accommodation units are described by the official categorization of the local tourist organization. Owner is obliged to put the given categorization on a visible place. Service standards of the accomm odation are not comparable for different counties. Every guest should arrive into a clean and tidy accommodation unit with clean bed linen.

5. Residence in the accommodation unit begins at 14 hours on the first day, and ends at 10 hours on the last day.

6. Thorough tidying and cleaning of the accommodation units, and changing of bedclothes and towels are carried out after the departure of each guest. For longer stays in the same unit, bedding is changed every 7 days, and towels more frequently, if necessary. During their residence, the guests are to maintain the cleanliness of the accommodation unit, and should hand it over at the end of their stay in reasonable condition.

7. Owner can change or even cancel the reserved accommodation if before or during vacation unexpected circumstances occur that can not be avoided. Owner should offer the guest alternative accommodation while the change can be done only by the guest’s approval. Offered alternative accommodation should be the same or higher category from the reserv ed accommodation category. The difference in price between the reserved accommodation and alternative accommodation will be covered by the owner. If it is not possible to find the alternative accommodation the owner has to return the whole paid reservation amount.

8. If the guest wants to cancel the accommodation that he has reserved, he has to do it with e-mail, fax or personally.

9.Upon receiving the cancellation notific ation the owner puts regulation: If we owner succeeds to book the canceled period and apartment to other guest then owner returns total amount of the deposit, if not owner does not return deposit money.

10. If the guest doesn’t appear at the destination until the end of the first day of stay and doesn’t contact the owner about his late he loses rights for the accommodati on and return of the deposit. There is always a possibility that guest finds an alternative user for the same reservation, but guest has to inform the owner few days before about that.

11. The owner has the right to retain the entire sum paid if the guest leaves the accommodation unit prior to the date agreed upon.

12. The owner is required to ensure that the customer gets all the purchased services and is therefore responsible for that. The owner is excluded of any responsibility in the case of superior force.

13. Guest has an obligation to:

  • own a valid passport
  • respect customs and foreign regulations of the Republic of Croatia
  • follow the home rules of the reserved accommodation unit and cooper ate with the owner in good intention
  • pay the costs for any caused damage in the unit
  • show the host the voucher with the correct number of persons and type of services that should be provided upon arrival
  • utilize electric energy rationally, and to turn off electrical and other appliances while being out of the accommodation unit
  • take care of their own possessions and valuables, and are also responsible for their behaviour within and in the vicinity of the house.
Guest takes the responsibility for all possible costs in case of not respecting mentioned obligations.

14. In the night – time hours (23 hours – 8 hours) and in the afternoon (14 hours – 16 hours) guests are requested and required to respect the wishes of others for peace and quiet.

15. We recommend that our guests refrain from smoking in enclosed areas.

16. Our prices don’t include travel insurance of travel risk.

17. The owner of the accommodation units reserves the right, in special circumstances, to enter the accommodation unit in the absence of the guests if it is noted that this would be essential to prevent any possible damage, and particularly when it is thought that the house rules are being ignored. In the case of any such emergency entrance when guests are absent, the owner is required to report to the guests the time and reason for such an entry into the accommodation unit.

18. Lengthy or overnight stays by individuals who are not registered as guests of the accommodation unit are not permitted.

19. It is forbidden to bring into the accommodation units narcotics, other drugs, or weapons, flammable or explosive materials, or any material with a strong and unpleasant odour. Any other items, such as camp beds, equipment, appliances, or machinery are permitted only with the special permission of the owner.

20. Bringing the animals to the accommodation unit is possible only with the consent of the host

21. It is forbidden to remove appliances and equipment (towels, sheets, etc) from the accommodation unit.

22.The accommodation units cannot be used for any other purpose than those set forth, nor can any activities take place in them that represent an affront to the norms of everyday life, morals, and public order.

23. Guest has right to ask for adequate compensation for not reciving paid services.
Complaints procedure:

  • the guest must inform the owner upon arrival if he is not satisfied with the accommodation unit condition. The guest has to cooperate with the owner in order to resolve problems. If the complaint is justified and the service is not satisfying, the owner will try everything that the guest receives acceptable solution equal to paid service to the owner. The owner must not provide the guest with the alternative accommodation of lower category.
  • if the guest leaves on his own the accommodation unit and finds another accommodation and in that way doesn’t offer a chance to owner to resolve the problem he has no right to ask the refund or compensation for damage.

24. If the guest is not satisfied with the solution that the owner had made he has a right to take the issue to court jurisdiction in Split.

25. By making the advance payment or paying the entire arrangement amount the guest accepts these house rules.


The house rules have been compiled in accordance with regulations governing accommodation in tourist rental apartments (NN 16/95).

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